Who am I

I am a designer, fabricator, and most importantly a dreamer with a passion for cycling. You could call me a frustrated artist or an unconstrained engineer. From the engineering standpoint, bikes provide me with a guideline to follow, a function that must be achieved. From an artistic perspective, bikes allow me to let form dictate some design aspects and still achieve great results.

I love bikes and all the good things that come with them. Whether it’s racing (road or mountain), bike packing, cruising, snow biking, or commuting; I’m into it. I enjoy bikes for the friendships built after a group ride and the self-reflection of a solo day in the saddle. I strive to make the bikes I build an extension of my passion for the sport. Check out my blog for a window into my life.

What is Graham Cycles

Graham Cycles is the result of combining my passion for cycling and my mechanical skills. From the days of building with Legos and K’nex, to fixing dirt bikes and ATV’s, I have always loved designing, building, and working with my hands. Soon after I began cycling I “built” my first bike; but even then I knew that I wanted to go further than just picking out components and assembling them.

I worked at shops for a couple years; rapidly increasing both my mechanical knowledge and understanding of the industry. I then took a job working for a company that sold design software, it paid much better. I was content, but I also felt something was missing…a part of me wasn’t being used. I directed that energy towards a new hobby, custom frame building. I started acquiring tools, taking classes in TIG welding, and really “making” bikes. Before I knew it I left my desk job and Graham Cycles was born.

The more I build the more I love the challenge and reward. I now strive to provide riders with bikes that make their time in the saddle even better. By taking advantage of the options provided by a custom bike I am able to help riders achieve their goals. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of the process for me.