Some Kind Words

I own a few custom bikes and my Graham is in the running for one of my favorites. Joe was super easy to work with, he listened to all of my input, took the info, and built me a bike that was what I was looking for. With the belt drive set up there is a lot to deal with and the end product did exactly what was needed to make it all work. For me that is the sign of a quality builder. Thanks for the great bike Joe.


I approached Joe with regards to building a new fat bike. In the past I had owned a Surly Pugsley and a Moonlander, which are great bikes, but I was looking for something a little different. I wanted something that could handle the fattest of the fat wheels and tires but I didn’t want a bike that felt like a pig. For the build Joe used the Paragon sliding dropout that allowed the rear wheel to be as close as possible to the seat tube and kept the wheelbase short. He also elongated the top tube a little more than most of the other fat bikes out there so it has a geometry that is a little more “race oriented”. When I got to ride the bike it was amazing. It handles better than any fat bike I’ve tried and fit perfectly. The other big surprise to the project was the fact that my wife had talked with Joe and had the matching custom truss fork built for me for Christmas. The fork is just as awesome as the bike. I love the bike and I will without a doubt be working with Joe again. I would highly recommend Graham Cycles to anyone considering a custom bike.


So here’s my story – I contacted Joe to build me a fat bike with short CS, low TT, bent ST, and that can fit 29+. I plan on riding it all season long and I wanted versatility where I can switch wheel sets from fat to 29+ depending on what condition or mood I am in. It took him about 3-4 weeks for everything including the paint. He was very prompt when it came to communications and answered all the questions that I had. All I can say is this thing is fun to ride; climbs great, handles great, and it looks great! I was able to ride some of the trails that I used to walk before. With this thing it made it real easy. Overall I am a happy customer and if I could only own one bike – this would be it!

— Noy

My Kilo-Graham isn’t just my bike. It’s an extension of me that Joe personally crafted through our experiences together. I’ve never felt more comfortable or more confident on a bicycle.

— Josh

The fork has been great and I love it! I have around 300 miles on it. I would say that compared to a standard fork; the truss fork is noticeably more compliant. It seems as if smaller vibrations are more evenly distributed between the fork legs compared to a standard unicrown fork. Joe gave me the option of a thinner tubing which would act almost as a micro suspension, but I decided to go with the beefy tubing as a personal preference. At the same time I had Joe build the fork with more rake than my previous fork, which gives it a snappy lively feel in the front, which is perfect for the technical riding I like to do on the bike. Let’s not forget the aesthetics of the fork, it’s a piece of art on its own! Joe Graham really out did himself on this one.

— Vijay