How to Get One

The proper number of bikes is n+1

I believe in a very personal approach to custom frame building. My process is simple and enjoyable. I try to make sure that it’s as fun as riding the bike…well almost as fun. I really enjoy meeting in person for those who live within a reasonable distance; however, it is not a requirement to achieving great results. Here’s a short explanation of each process.

If we are working remotely, I like to start by having you fill out an online interview. This helps me get an idea of what you are looking for; it asks questions about your riding history, goals for the project, physical measurements or desired geometry, special features, and budget constraints. After that we will go over the information and usually go through a couple iterations of the design.

If you are able to meet in person, lucky you; you probably live in the Northeast and get to enjoy the great riding here. We will answer many of the same questions from the online interview process, but also probably get off track and share some good stories. It’s also common to go for a ride; watching you ride adds another level to my understanding of you as a rider.

If you are interested please email me at so we can start to discuss your project. I look forward to working with you.