Bruce’s Graham Nash Rambler


  • Comfort for a 6’3″ Rider
  • 44mm headtube
  • Low-Mount Disc Dropouts
  • Clearance for 40c Tires
  • Rack Mounts
  • Reachable Bottle Boss Positioning
  • Two-Color Coating


The Micro-Graham is a bike I have been making for a couple years now; but still seems to be ahead of the game. It is one bike that can perform very well in 3 different disciplines: Road, Gravel, and Cross. This is exactly what Bruce wanted to do. From group road rides, to gravel events like the Tour of the Battenkill and D2R2, to the occasional cross race this bike will have Bruce covered. We even added rack mounts for the possibility of a little light touring.

What makes all the versatility a reality? Disc brakes help keep things under control in any situation, especially on a muddy cross course. A wider range cassette helps with those steep lose gravel climbs. Stan’s wheels and tubeless tires mean less flats and awesome performance when the road starts to disappear. A properly designed steel frame, tailored to the riders size and strength, provides amazing ride quality and a lively feel that no other material can match.

A major part of any custom project is making it your own; and Bruce took that to another level. The cream and red color scheme is stunning. Custom decals give the bike some edge, and highlight the model name. The cherry on top is an excellent name, The Graham Nash Rambler. Let me break that down for you: The bike builder (me) Joe Graham + the rock star Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young + the classic car Nash Rambler circa the early 1950’s. Put it all together and you get the Graham Nash Rambler.

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