Cheryl’s Golden Graham V.2


  • 29er for a shorter rider
  • Confidence inspiring geometry
  • Unique look
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Tubeless tires
  • Disc brakes


This bike was an upgrade for my mom; who has proudly ridden the very first Graham frame for a year. That first frame has been good (aka it didn’t break, and fit ok), so why replace it? Because my fabrication skills have improved and I want to have my best work out on the trails. The new frame is a better fit, saves almost a pound off the original, has improved tire clearance, better welds, and is aesthetically much nicer.

This bike was all about execution, with the curved seatstays providing a little twist. I pushed my limits by using extremely light tubing; the result is a sub 3.5lb frame. This was possible because of the experience I gained working with stainless steel this winter, and the continued refinement of my welding techniques. The curved stays are something I’ve always found aesthetically pleasing. A little experimentation with the tubing roller and the bender made it happen. Hopefully this will be a stepping stone to even more unique lines.

We kept the build almost the same. The only change was an upgrade from SRAM X.0 brakes to Shimano XT’s. I think the XT is a better product, and requires less maintenance/adjustment. Since my Mom can’t just stop by for service; I like to set her up with stuff she won’t have to worry about.

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