Cheryl’s Seismo Graham


  • Sub 30lbs Bike
  • 44mm headtube
  • Clearance for 4.8″ inch tires
  • Stunning aesthetic
  • Custom Truss Fork
  • Carbon Wheels
  • Adjustable Dropouts


This was the first bike that I got into after a busy summer at Kroka, and I was seriously chomping at the bit. I knew this project was going to be insanely cool and I had been given total creative authority. I was also excited about the “story” that was going to come with this bike. It was a surprise birthday present for my Mom from her fiance and I was going to deliver it. Really, it was a perfect storm of what can be so fun about this business. The surprise went perfectly and to say the bike was “well received” is an understatement.

I could tell you everything that I appreciate about the bike but the pics do it better justice; let me highlight some things you should look at. Pay attention to the welds, I am highly meticulous about their quality to ensure strength and a clean aesthetic. Lots O’ Made in the USA on this bike (Thomson, Wolf Tooth, I9, HED…Graham!). The curves of the stays are perfectly symmetrical. The bent down tube adds a nice touch and will provide clearance for a Bluto. The fork is a work of art IMO, and simply looks right with the fat tires. The color scheme is one of my favorite to date; everything plays off each other and no color is an island.

The wheelset on this bike is by far the highlight of the components. I think it’s fair to say that there isn’t a nicer fat bike wheelset on the market. The Made in the USA (Minnesota) HED rims come in at 445g and set up tubeless super easy. They are laced to Made in the USA (North Carolina) Industry 9 hubs with their unique aluminum spokes and lightning fast 3 degree engagement. The combination of the two is what they are calling the BIG RIG CARBON wheelset. I9’s pink anodization of the hubs and spokes sets the whole thing off and is a big part of the bikes good looks.

Overall, the project and surprise were a great success. I can’t wait to see this beast in the snow!

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