Dave’s Kilo-Graham Fat Bike


  • All-Season Fat Bike
  • Mountain Bike Geometry
  • Slider Dropouts
  • Rack Mounts
  • Fender Mounts
  • Suspension Corrected Truss Fork
  • 44mm headtube


What do you get when you finish a major home remodeling project? A happy wife, and if you’re super lucky a new custom bike. Dave came up with an awesome vision for this all-season fat bike. Some of the words that came to mind as we honed in on the bike were oversized headtube, low-slung top tube (a nice addition when the snow gets deep), tucked rear wheel (short chainstays), slim truss fork, and adjustable dropouts.

Up front we used a suspension corrected truss fork. This will allow Dave to run a suspension fork in the future if he wants. Note: After seeing how awesome the truss looks, he doubts he will ever take it off…mission accomplished. In the rear, we selected slider dropouts to provide handling adjustment and allow for different wheel sizes.┬áDave also requested special rack mounts with a double set of bosses at the bottom. This will allow the rack to be set further back on the bike with the use of an adapter plate.┬áMounts for front and rear fenders added more versatility to this bike. Fat biking and winter commuting can lead to riding on slushy streets. With the option to add fenders, Dave will be able to stay dry.

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