Dave’s Kilo Graham v2.0


A couple years ago we built Dave his first fat bike. The bike was intended to be a change of pace, and a way to keep riding in the winter. However, it became much more than that. It completely took over his stable and became his year round steed. He fell in love with the fat; building up multiple wheelsets, acquiring a Bluto for the summer, and simplifying his drivetrain to 1x. It really was a remarkable transition, considering Dave was the kind of guy you could imagine saying, “You can have my Full-Suspension 26er when you pry it from my clipped in feet.”

Given all these changes to the bike and it’s application; it was time for a new frame and fork. Here are some of the things we changed for the v2.0:

  • Added a bent downtube to clear the massive Bluto fork, no more smacking it into the downtube.
  • New truss fork that is 150x15mm thru axle compatible, making wheel mixing and matching possible.
  • Truss fork also compensates for wheel diameter difference between 4″ and 5″ tires. Bluto & 4″ tire or Truss & 5″ tire with a slight intentional geometry change.
  • Lengthened top tube to allow for a shorter stem.
  • Slacked headtube angle to 68 degrees to match the more aggressive riding that the bike is being used for.
  • Increased bottom bracket height to reduce pedal strikes.
  • Added covert routing for a dropper post and increased seatpost size to 31.6mm.
  • Eliminated front derailleur cable routing.
  • Increased tire clearance to maximum possible for 177mm rear end.
  • Shortened chainstays to below 430mm.
  • Angled sliders to maintain bottom bracket height when sliding back for larger diameter wheels.
  • Stiffened and strengthened rear triangle for more aggressive riding.

Dave’s ride reports have been exceedingly positive, and overall I think the project was a great success. This bike is really a model of what I would build for most people looking for a year-round fat bike.

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