Dean’s Kilo-Graham Fat Bike


  • Bluto compatible
  • 44mm headtube
  • Clearance for 4.8″ inch tires
  • Low-maintenance build
  • Clean aesthetic
  • 4-Season fat bike


I am starting to feel like there are two sorts of bikes I build; bikes where I reach to try new things, and bikes where I perfect things I know. This bike was the second. At this point I’ve done more fat bike’s than anything else. I know the bends, I know the clearances. This bike was really about nailing the geometry and executing everything to the best of my abilities. The result is a bike with smooth welds, perfect symmetry, clean lines, ample tire clearance, and smart cable routing.

One new thing for me was the use of a suspension fork on a fat bike. RockShox brought fat bike suspension to the masses with the release of the Bluto. My initial impression of the fork is that it is well built. I prefer the mechanically articulated lockout to the hydraulic options. The weight seems very manageable and will not ruin the playfulness of the bike. In the summer the fork will be a welcome addition for high-speed riding on rough terrain and big hits.

More and more riders are shelving everything else in favor of the fat bike. This bike is smartly designed to rip all year long. In the winter the tires can be bumped up to 4.8″ for maximum flotation. The rest of the year regular 4.0″ tires or 29+ tires are a great choice. The Bluto will make it capable of handling more aggressive trails with control. The drivetrain is a simple 1×10 setup with an extended range cog and the brakes are proven Avid BB7’s. This is a bike that will spend lots of the time on the trail, and very little in the stand.

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