Emily’s Touring Tele-Graham


  • Simple and Durable
  • Excellent Fit
  • Rocker Dropouts
  • Integrated Rear Rack
  • Dynamo Hub
  • Front and Rear Lights
  • USB Charger (The Plug)
  • Internal Routing in Rack
  • Fender Mounts
  • Fuel Bottle Mount


What kind of bike would you need if you were going to sell your car, put your possessions into storage, and hit the road? It would need to fit like a glove, carry all your gear efficiently and conveniently, charge your electronics, and be built to last. Emily Turner is adventurous enough to travel such a path, so we tailor made her perfect bike.

Drivetrain – We decided to use a 3×9 speed mountain drivetrain for great shifting in all conditions and lots of gear range. This drivetrain makes it easy to service the bike in the field. We threw in a rust proof 45Nrth chain as well. The highlight of the drivetrain is the Retroshift CX2v Shifter/Brakes. They use bomb-proof thumb shifters mounted on the top of brake levers. This provides convenient access from the hoods.

Electronics – Finding places to charge your phone, GPS, iPod, etc can be a daily pain when touring. The Plug III from Supernova provides a USB port in the top cap of your fork, and is powered by a dynamo hub. We also used Supernova’s E3 headlight and taillight. These award winning products from Germany will keep Emily, and the road ahead, safely illuminated. Plus, they came in anodized pink! Internal routing through the rack for the tail light is another nice touch.

Braze Ons – This bike set my new record for most braze-ons. In addition to the usual guides and bosses, we added bosses for the rear fender in the chainstay and seatstay bridges and at the back of the rack. Also, an extra set of bottle bosses was put on the bottom of the downtube for a fuel bottle; if you’ve ever put a fuel bottle in your pannier you know how nice this is.

The most exciting part of this bike is what Emily is going to do with it. Once her travels begin we will be sharing her stories through our blog. Expect inspiring adventures and great pictures.

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