Eric’s Kilo-Graham Fat Bike


  • Horizontal Dropouts
  • Belt Drive Compatible
  • 28mm Offset Rear
  • 44mm Headtube


When Eric approached me about a custom fat bike I was both honored and nervous. Eric owns several custom bikes and has done some building of his own; the guy knows handmade bikes. Additionally, his dream bike needed to be belt drive compatible. Clearances for the Gates System get tricky on fat bikes with short stays. To add just a bit more pressure he let me pick the color! When the dust settled we nailed it.

I own a few custom bikes and my Graham is in the running for one of my favorites. Joe was super easy to work with, he listened to all of my input, took the info, and built me a bike that was what I was looking for. With the belt drive set up there is a lot to deal with and the end product did exactly what was needed to make it all work. For me that is the sign of a quality builder. Thanks for the great bike Joe.


The drivetrain of this bike was a big highlight (even bigger than the highlighter yellow powder coat). We used the Gates Belt Drive paired with a Shimano Alfine Internally Geared Hub. The advantage of this setup is that it will survive sand and salt much better than a conventional drivetrain. It will also require less maintenance, and run quiet and smooth in all conditions. Eric will have no guilt about taking his fat-bike all those nasty places a regular bike can’t handle.

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