Gerard’s Kilo-Graham Fat Bike


  • Slider Dropouts
  • Clean Appearance
  • 170mm Rear Spacing
  • Bent Seat Tube
  • Super Short Chainstays
  • Ability to run 29+ & 26×4.0
  • 44mm Headtube


This was a very enjoyable project because it had clear goals. Gerard had a strong vision for the bike and, from his glowing feedback, I think we exceeded his expectations. This bike will serve him all 4 seasons, with its ability to run 29+ and 26×4.0. Something new (for me) featured on this frame is the bent seat tube. It took several experiments to get it right, but was well worth it to keep the stays short.

One of the challenges of building a frame to work with both 26×4.0 and 29+ is the difference in wheel diameters. Not only can there be clearance issues with the stays and seat tube, but the larger diameter wheels change the height of the bike. Adjustable dropouts solve the clearance issues. By putting the sliders at an angle they lower the frame as they are extended. This helps compensate for some of the increased size of the 29+ wheels. This will slightly change the geometry of the frame, but should keep the bottom bracket position similar, and help avoid the bike feeling tall.

This bike will be run both single speed and with 1x geared systems. To keep the look clean I included two slider inserts for the drive side, one with and one without a hanger. These sliders will also help future proof the bike; different inserts can be purchased to accommodate new hub standards.

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