Joe’s Golden Graham 29er


  • Responsive handling
  • E.D.D. Geometry
  • Oversized HT
  • Attractive lines
  • Lightweight build
  • Stiff, efficient ride


I’m a big fan of the 29er wheel size, the big hoops work really well for my riding style. I rode a Cannondale Flash 29er 1 much of the last two seasons and had some great success racing it. When I set out to build my new mountain bike I had some big shoes to fill, however, I felt there were areas I could improve.

My new Golden Graham really shines in technical situations, fast twisty trails, and descents. I slightly lengthened the top tube so I could use a shorter stem (70mm) but still be in an efficient position. This subtle change goes a long way towards increasing the responsiveness without creating a bike that is twitchy. I also used shorter chain stays than the Flash. This created a noticeable improvement in handling. On the Flash I often felt tempted to slide the back end around corners because it seemed to be too far behind me. Shorter chain stays and the resulting shorter wheelbase cured this.

I kept things fairly straightforward with this frame, just a solid bike to go out an hammer on. The frame has a 44mm head tube to increase fork options. With the 44mm head tube and different headsets virtually any fork can be accommodated. I used wright style dropouts for their strength and cool look. The seat stays were shaped and positioned to create an appealing flow. The frame was coated with a transparent copper color in honor of its inaugural trip to Copper Harbor, Mi.

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