Josh’s Kilo-Graham EX


  • Super-Strong Frame
  • Oversized Stays
  • 44mm Head Tube
  • 31.6mm Seat Tube
  • Integrated Seat Tube Binder
  • Integrated Rack
  • Topeak MTX Compatibility
  • 170mm Rear Spacing
  • Truss Fork
  • Integrated Fork Rack


This bike had a serious number of goals, and lots of oversizing, but why? Because for a big rider, confidence in the strength of your gear means more fun and less worry. When I rode with Josh and saw how aggressively he descends, I knew I needed to create a stout frame. Listening to him talk about dirt jumping and pump track riding made it clear that he has the skill to really push the limits of a frame.

The head tube and seat tube are both oversized. The oversized head tube allowed me to use a larger diameter down tube for increased strength. Josh has experienced post slip in the past so I oversized the seat tube allowing for a 31.6mm post. Also I used an integrated double binder. The double binder creates a larger clamping surface and will eliminate the need for over-tightening a seat tube collar.

Josh powdercoated his own frame and the results are impressive. The frame and stem are a Rockstar White, a white with large gold metallic. The fork and bars are a super metallic blue; this color matches really well with the cranks and decals. Additionally Josh left a section of the down tube and seat tube raw to remind viewers this bike is steel.

You will also notice we racked this rig out, front and back. Josh uses his bike for a variety of different forms of recreation, and utility. Commuting to work, grocery store runs, bike packing, and ice fishing are some of the ways this bike will be used. A unique addition was the MTX rack mount. If you haven’t seen this mount from Topeak check out the pics; it makes taking your pack on and off the rack a snap. Did I mention the fork rack was strong enough to transport a man? Check the pics.

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