Mark’s Mono-Graham SS 29er


  • Responsive handling
  • Rocker dropouts for SS
  • Oversized HT
  • All-mountain hardtail


What’s the nicest thing your employer has done for you? Common answers are usually a bonus, or raise, or just giving you a job. How about getting you a custom bike frame? Most of us could only dream for this, but most of us could only dream of having a boss as nice as Paul. When he approached me about a bike for Mark I was excited to make it happen.

The design process for this bike was very different from usual. Since this bike was a surprise I couldn’t exactly do a fit on Mark or talk to him about what he wanted. Paul and I worked with the geometry from his current bike and other bikes in his size. It was really cool working with Paul because he let me use a lot of my judgement on the design. Having seen Mark ride and knowing where he would be using the bike strongly influenced the design of the bike.

The resulting bike falls into the category of an agressive XC 29er. Compared to a “regular” 29er the stays are shorter, the headtube is slacker, and the BB is a touch lower. Feedback from Mark was very positive; hopefully I’ll get to check out the completed bike next time I’m back in Syracuse.

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