Secret Steve’s Killa-Graham Fat Bike


  • Fattest of the Fat
  • Race Bike Geometry
  • Slider Dropouts
  • Clean Appearance
  • 190mm Rear Spacing
  • Short Chainstays
  • Ability to run 29+


What makes the ultimate deep snow fat bike? Bud and Lou on Clownshoes, with an X.01 drivetrain to save weight, all complimenting a custom steel frame. I actually hand delivered this one back home in Northern Michigan. It was well worth the 14 hour drive. On the late-night test ride, Steve said, “It feels like MY bike.”

Why did it feel like his bike you might ask? Steve races a Cannondale Scalpel 29er and his previous fat bike was a Surly Moonlander. We were able to look at the geometry of both bikes and figure out what would feel the best for Steve’s winter riding. One of the key changes was getting the Chainstay length down. We also kept the headtube short, the stack lower, and the headtube angle steeper than most of the newer fat bikes. This kept his fat bike from feeling…fat.

This whole build gets even sweeter. Steve’s wonderful wife, Moriah, surprised him with a truss fork for Christmas. I sneakily asked Steve for some ideas of what he thought would make an ideal truss fork, and built it right along with the frame so it could be powdercoated to match. I think the hardest part for Moriah (and me) was waiting till X-mas to give it to him. The bike looked so right with it.

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