Stephen’s Kilo-Graham Fat Bike


  • A fat bike for all year riding
  • Clearance for 4″ tires
  • 170mm rear spacing
  • Responsive handling
  • Custom fit
  • Paragon Rockers to allow for SS setup


This was a really exciting fat bike build because it was for a new member of the fat cult. Stephen is the type of rider who I believe will really appreciate what a fat bike can do, and his extensive riding on a SS means he will have no problem turning the big wheels. This bike should see duty as a trail ripper and commuter on the nastiest winter days.

Rocker dropouts are one of the highlights of the build and will allow the bike to be run SS, because sometimes Stephen likes to roll like that. The paint job on this bike is a second highlight (literally), the colors are very bright and vibrant. The color scheme was somewhat inspired by the Gulf Oil Racing Team with a little tweak.

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