Why Custom

As if you need a reason to get another bike

A custom frame offers advantages to virtually all riders. Custom frames can be tailored to your specific needs, physical characteristics, and riding style. For some a custom frame may be the only way to get a properly fitting bike, but even people with average proportions can enhance their experience.

By utilizing the proper materials, geometry, and components, a custom bike builder helps riders become one with their bikes. Tubing diameters and wall thicknesses can be used to tune ride quality. Geometry can be tweaked to achieve your preferred handling characteristics. The result is a tool that works exactly how you want.

A custom frame can also be a form of self expression. Bikes are a merging of art and function. For riders who want a bike that they can connect to, a custom frame is the best choice. Whether it’s unique curves, or your favorite colors, a custom frame is the way to go if you want to stand out, blend in, or just be you.